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Provisioning: a little background

Pro: Means for. What you are for is more important that what you are against or avoiding. To profess means to believe. What are you for?

Visioning: Imagining possibilities. The world is tough. Constraints abound. Analysis matters, but so does imagination. What is possible? Navigating possibilities AND constraints not only makes you more resilient, it helps you sleep at night.

Provisioning: Supplying what’s needed for imagined possibilities. Provisioning usually refers to the supplies needed for a journey. It may apply to the outdoors, but I apply it to the indoors, too. Within organization, and within us.

For the time being: Provisional means for now, for the time being. Until other arrangements are made. Those pursuing meaningful things learn this: that they don't know it all and must learn as they go. That they cannot be right but they can generate what's good enough--and more--by exploring curiously and experimenting. With others. To look at things provisionally means to hold the world and our beliefs about it passionately and loosely: so we can present ourselves in a way that can learn with others.

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