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Coaching makes a difference in the choices you have for how to make a difference

Fred Jones partners best with experienced people, typically in leader roles, who take responsibility for generating social value through the organizations they lead and have the curiosity to explore more about themselves and the challenges they are facing. He works with people in a supportive way at the edge of their comfort and confidence.

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Coaching works best based on a coach s assumption that people are creative, experience-rich, and resourceful—and not people who need to be fixed. Further, they are the only ones who can make changes in themselves and their circumstances. The coach's primary role is to draw on a person's full capacity to sort out what matters and pursue goals with the mindset, approach, and skillfulness appropriate to those goals. A coach facilitates reflection, observation, imagination, the exploration of alternatives, and the design of actions that can lead to desired outcomes.
Fred helps people explore what people personally and professionally can bring to the outcomes they choose to pursue— for them and the things they care about. He asks questions. He provides feedback. He challenges people at the edge of where they are comfortable and can learn, and guides them to explore alternative ways of seeing situations. He supports people with empathetic listening and by creating a safe environment so they get what they most need.

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For Complex Challenges

When facing big, complex demands that take you beyond your prior experience--times when you may need to think and do differently

Here you are, taking on big, challenging things. You are aware of the complex nature of what you face, and that you need to shift something about how you lead. This is as much about making changes as on the outside. The value accrues also the future, as you become a better coach to yourself for future challenges. Examples:  Coaching for Scope and Scale fits when you once-successful approaches are stressed by "more;" Coaching for Transitions focuses on a period when new to a role or place; and Coaching to Develop an Agenda generates clarity for what you want to make happen in a way that you and others find compelling.

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Other Possibilities

When stuck or stalled, needing feedback, or as a touchstone--or to step back and take a fresh perspective on what matters to you

When Stuck:  You know what it feels like when something is not moving forward as hoped. Having someone who can hear you, ask good questions, surface potentially limiting assumptions, and explore alternatives for taking action can be invaluable. As a touchstone:  Coaching is valuable for when you feel isolated and lack a regular, safe place to check in about the leadership path you are taking. For Feedback:  Coaching helps you get fresh, candid input as part of considering changes you want to make in how you lead. To Regroup or Refresh:  When you want to get a fresh perspective on what matters to you and what you want to do with that going forward.



Jones Provisioning starts with Fred Jones. He has taken a deep interest in developing people and the organizations they lead for more than two decades. His work as a coach, facilitator, teacher, and program designer is guided by an innovative spirit and a desire for people to be their biggest and best selves for the challenges they engage.

Fred brings to coaching more than two decades of experience working inside larger organizations and with extensive involvement in health care.  He’s also led various teams providing services at scale that support business operations. He holds a long-term interest in what it is like for people to face increasingly messy, complex challenges that take them beyond their prior experience. This is when growth edges are commonly exposed, and when fresh insight can be most clearly opened up and translated into capability for current and future challenges. 
Fred has worked at Humana, Texas Children’s Hospital, Progressive Insurance and Ernst & Young. He earned a doctorate in adult learning and leadership from Columbia University, Teachers College, and holds a master’s in public and international affairs from the University of Pittsburgh. Fred is an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation, and a graduate of Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching program.  


Fred Jones

Coach, Facilitator, Teacher, Designer

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Others I partner with

Beyond coaching, Fred designs and facilitates collaborative forums, whether in a process to address issues or in events that engage wider audiences. He consults about the development of leaders in organizations in a way that supports choices in investments to be made over time. He also engages leadership teams and boards in looking at and defining the future in a way that helps with decisions in the present.



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